Let me present my self

Full stack and creative developper. Software engineer intern @Swisscom by day in the Big Data Team and Young entrepeneur by night.

Réseau des jeunes mobile app
Organize events in your clubclose

The "Réseau des jeunes" is a youth club in Biel/Bienne Switzerland, this app enables them to create / organize events, chat and post some pictures to the club members. You can see like a mini private facebook. This app was build by INGINIOUS (Now Protokoll-Studio) where I was the lead, we used cordova with jquery, handlebars and some PHP for the backend webservice. Why use a hybrid app approach ? Because the app had to be both available for android and iOS.

Compo'S Pizza Sàrl webshop
Order your pizza onlineclose

Thanks to this shop, this take away can now allow his clients to order food online with a responsive website. The website runs with woocommerce (A wordpress e-commerce plugin). Plus the website contains a drag N drop app written fully in javascript with JQuery which enables clients to compose their custom pizza in a fun way, this app was developed far before this webshop, it had to be integrated in woocommerce.

Nina and Ray Game
Play two blind people through a mazeclose

Imagine your controlling a blind person and the only thing to get through the way is a sonic radar who only shows you the walls ? Nina and Ray is the story of two blind people who have to be brought back together through a maze, be careful to avoid the walls ! This game was a school project made in C++ with Qt framework, we were 3 guys on worked on it

3D minesweeper
Play the minesweeper, but in 3D !close

The minesweeper is an old classic game, imagine if we modernize it by bringing it in 3D ?! This project was one of my diploma project back when I was doing my CFC of computer technician, it uses JMonkeyEngine which is a Java complete and simple 3D Game Engine